At HELP you will find the most frequently asked questions about our fiduciary service.

And so you can safely pay with the fiduciary service worldwide:

1. Buyer or seller contact us.
2. Buyer and seller will immediately receive the fiduciary agreement and they both must send it back signed.
3. 3. The buyer transfers the purchase amount to the fiduciary account. The seller receives a confirmation of receipt of payment. EuroSped SP. Z.O.O simultaneously disposes of a truck for transport.
4. The seller hands over the vehicle to the driver of the EuroSped SP. Z.O.O truck and signs the freight documents. The driver acknowledges the takeover on the fiduciary contract. At the same time, the buyer receives a takeover confirmation by e-mail or fax.
5. EuroSped SP. Z.O.O delivers the vehicle directly to the buyer. The buyer checks the vehicle and confirms the vehicle receipt.
6. EuroSped SP. Z.O.O will transfer the purchase amount to the seller.

Pay safely within the European Union with our fiduciary service:

In order for you to be able to pay safely within the EU, we use the EU SEPA bank transfer.

This system guarantees the transfer of fiduciary funds within the EU!

If you have any further questions about our trustee service, we are of course always happy to help!

How long do I have as a buyer to check the vehicle?

After receiving the vehicle you have 5 days to check it. At the latest on the 5th day after vehicle receipt you should either confirm the receipt or make a complaint. If we have not received a complaint on the 6th day after the delivery of the vehicle, the amount of the fiduciary will be automatically transferred to the bank account of the seller.

What happens if the buyer refuses to accept the vehicle?

In this case, the vehicle will be returned to the seller. The buyer receives the payment amount from our escrow account back to his bank account after deduction of the trust fee.


**IMPORTANT: If the buyer is not satisfied with the vehicle, the EuroSped SP. Z.O.O must be contacted within the inspection period. In most cases, a solution can be negotiated. If this is not possible, the vehicle will be sent back to the seller and the purchase price will be returned to the buyer. In this case, the seller will assume all transportation costs and transaction costs.