Why do I need your fiduciary service?

Our fiduciary service ensures that both buyers and sellers who are not personally acquainted can securely conduct their purchase via the Internet. Settlement takes place step by step; In other words, the buyer first pays the purchase amount plus applicable fees on our escrow account (money transfer). After receipt of the money transfer the vehicle will be shipped by the seller. As soon as the vehicle have been properly delivered, the purchase price deposited in the fiduciary account will be forwarded by money transfer to the bank account of the seller.

What does the fiduciary service bring me as a buyer?

The fiduciary service offers you maximum security for your money transfer. You take no risk by paying in advance or cash on delivery and pay the vehcile not seen.

What does the fiduciary service bring me as a seller?

You have the certainty that the buyer has the money available for the money transfer at the time of the vehicle delivery. If the buyer has convinced himself of the flawless condition of the vehicle, you will immediately receive your money from our fiduciary account. In addition, the fiduciary service creates more trust with your customers and increases your sales and profits.

How expensive is the fiduciary service?

Our escrow service costs you a maximum of 2% of the turnover with a minimum fee of only 1 Euro! Thus, we are one of the cheapest fiduciary services worldwide. You also have the option of determining who has to pay the fees (that is, either all fees charged to the buyer, all fees charged to the seller).

Is not it dangerous to transfer my personal data via the internet?

Since we work with high security standards, there is no danger of your data getting into the wrong hands.

What do I have to consider when transferring funds to the fiduciary account?

You must specify the shipment number as the intended purpose, so that your money transfer can be clearly assigned to the corresponding fiduciary order.

What happens if I have transferred too much money?

The difference will be immediately transferred back from our fiduciary account to the account of the buyer.

What happens if I have transferred too little money?

If the transfer is too small, the seller will be informed of the receipt of the money but notifying that the amount transferred to our fiduciary account was insufficient and that the remaining difference must be remitted by the buyer. The buyer will be informed about the remaining difference that must be remitted to our fiduciary account.

Can I use the fiduciary service outside Europe?

The use of the escrow service within the EU can be used at any time without any problems. For the payment / money transfer between the member states of the EU, we use for you the system of the EU SEPA transfer, which guarantees you the cheapest money transfer to our escrow account.

What is a shipment number?

For each successfully created fiduciary order, you will receive a tracking number with which you can easily check the status of your fiduciary order.

What do I have to consider when buying from abroad?

As a buyer from Poland, who wants to buy abroad, you do not have to worry. The execution of the fiduciary contract runs for you like a domestic business. As a buyer from abroad, who wants to buy from Poland, you must specify your IBAN and your BIC (Swift code). If you are a buyer from Poland, who wants to buy abroad, your contract partner must specify his IBAN and BIC (Swift code). You have the option to specify this at registration or later. If you do not know what an IBAN or BIC is, have a look at your EU SEPA Credit Transfer page for all the information you need.

Why do not I receive an e-mail from EuroSped SP. Z.O.O?

In some cases our emails can be flagged as spam. This is especially happening if your spam filter rules are set too strict. If you use a freemail provider, be sure to check your spam folder or spam policy if you expect to receive an email from us. If you have a whitelist (friend list) available, it's best to add us so as not to miss future mails from our fiduciary service.

What do I have to consider when selling from abroad?

As a seller, be sure to include your IBAN and BIC (Swift code) when you are ordering a new fiduciary service. You have the option to specify this at registration or later. If you do not know what an IBAN or BIC is, take a look at your page on the EU SEPA transfer for all necessary information about the transfer to our fiduciary account.

How do I have to ship my vehicle?

It is completely up to you to use or not to use our delivery service for the shipment of your vehicle.

What happens if the buyer does not confirm receipt of the vehicle?

If the buyer does not confirm within 5 days after receipt of payment that the vehicle have been delivered to him, we assume that he has received the vehicle in accordance with the purchase agreement and we arrange for the transfer of funds from our fiduciary account to the seller.

What happens if the buyer refuses to accept the vehicle?

In this case, the vehicle will be returned to the seller. The buyer receives the payment amount after deduction of the fiduciary fee from our fiduciary account back to his bank account.

What happens if the vehicle have defects?

If the buyer chooses to reject the vehicle, this stops the payout to the seller. Often there are transport damages. In this case, please inquire about the recourse possibilities at the transport company. However, if a misunderstanding between seller and buyer should be the reason for the complaint, we offer you the opportunity to settle this before terminating the fiduciary contract.

How long do I have as a buyer to check the vehicle?

After receiving the vehicle you have 5 days to check it. At the latest on the 5th day after vehicle receipt you should either confirm the receipt or make a complaint. If we have not received a complaint on the 6th day after the delivery of the vehicle, the amount of the fiduciary order will be automatically transferred to the bank account of the seller.

Do I have to confirm receipt of the vehicle as a buyer?

By placing the fiduciary order, which is subject to the terms and conditions of our fiduciary service, you undertake to confirm the proper receipt and condition of the vehicle as soon as the vehicle have been received and you have been able to convince yourself of their condition. You must give this confirmation at the latest 5 days after receipt of the vehicle.

Do you have an unanswered question?

Then contact us by e-mail and we will answer your question as soon as possible.